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The first and only Polish micro-pigmentation textbook written by Monika Wiśniewska.

The first and only Polish micro-pigmentation textbook written by Monika Wiśniewska.

This textbook is meant not only for professionals who want to develop their skills and enrich knowledge. This is also an interesting read for all those who commence their adventure with permanent makeup and wish to get to know and understand its secrets. "The ABCs of Micro-Pigmentation" offers over 200 pages on various aspects of the profession, on the techniques, methods and ways for safe and beautiful pigmentation. In a transparent, friendly, simple and clear manner, the textbook's author shares many years of her professional experience and presents objective facts on the classical, corrective and medical pigmentation. 

The text is supported with illustrations, diagrams, drawings and photographs of models which perfectly and clearly illustrate the various kinds, phases and outcomes of the procedure. 

The book presents numerous valuable observations, guidelines and advice. It focuses not only on the visual and aesthetic aspects of the makeup. It also discusses less widely known issues,  such as psychological aspects of the profession, talents and skills required to perform it, the action and reason for using anasthetics, the color combination theory and neutralization of colors. It presents the possibilities of permanent makeup - not only the cosmetic and aesthetic aspects, but also from the standpoint of medical and corrective needs. The textbook "The ABCs of Micro-Pigmentation" presents numerous guidelines on the selection of pigmentation techniques and methods. Each technique is described separately, illustrated with photographs or diagrams. The book offers also basic information on the type of needle used, the angle, the depth of pigment implantation, speed of work. The book presents an overview of the whole history and development of permanent makeup, as well as its contemporary forms. It is a valuable compendium of knowledge, a set of information and basic requirements for safe performance of the profession.